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Attention Current Clients

If your initial full set lash application occurred over a month ago, or if more than 50% of your lashes have either fallen out or significantly grown out, you will require a new full set of lashes.


Full Set

Our Full Set Classic Lash Extension is the perfect choice for first-time clients or those looking to enhance their natural lashes with a beautiful, yet subtle, transformation. Each synthetic lash is meticulously applied to your natural lash, creating a classic and elegant look that enhances your natural beauty without overwhelming it.

Price: $170

 2 hrs


Full Set

Our Hybrid Full Set is an excellent choice for clients desiring a noticeable yet refined enhancement to their lashes. By integrating both single and multiple lash extensions onto a single natural lash, we craft a bespoke look that adds both length and volume.

Price: $190

 2 hrs


Full Set

Our Volume Full Set is tailored for clients who desire maximum impact and a fuller lash line. This service is ideal for achieving a lush, dramatic look, with each hand-crafted fan enhancing the volume and depth of your lashes.

Price: $215

 2 hrs

Mega Volume

Full Set

Our Mega Volume Full Set is the pinnacle of lash extension services, offering unparalleled thickness and length. This option is ideal for clients looking for the most dramatic transformation, providing a dense, feather-like appearance that maintains lash health.

Price: $255

2.5 hrs

Lash Removal

As professional lash artists, we offer a gentle and meticulous lash removal service, ensuring the health and integrity of the natural lashes. Utilizing specialized techniques and safe, high-quality products, we carefully remove each extension to prevent damage and maintain the natural lash line. Trust in our professional experience that prioritizes the well-being of your lashes, leaving them clean, healthy, and ready for the next lash adventure.

Price: $40

30 mins