Glam65 Beauty Presents

The Art of Lash Extensions with Eve

My Passion for Lash Artistry

Hello, I'm Eve Boonjuang, and for over a decade, I've been immersed in the enchanting world of lash artistry. At Glam65 Beauty, my passion is not just about creating stunning lash extensions but also about sharing my knowledge and experience with those eager to learn this exquisite craft.

Lash Training Program for Beginners and Intermediate Students

I've tailored a lash training program that caters to both beginners and intermediate students. My approach is deeply personal and hands-on, ensuring that each of my students receives the attention and guidance they need to flourish.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum for both Beginner and Intermediate Students.
  • Personalized, Hands-On Training with a small class sizes for individual attention. Practical sessions with live models for real-world experience.
  • Expert Guidance from Eve Boonjuang with over a decade of experience.
  • Career Development Opportunities with insights into building and marketing a lash business. Skills to grow a loyal client base and thrive in the beauty industry.

Training Programs

Beginner Training

The beginner's training at Glam65 Beauty, led by Eve Boonjuang, is a comprehensive introduction to the world of lash extensions. This course is meticulously designed to cover the foundational aspects of lash artistry. Students learn about various lash types, emphasizing the importance of safety and hygiene in application. The course provides hands-on training in basic application techniques, ensuring students are well-equipped to apply lash extensions safely and attractively. Additionally, it focuses on developing client consultation skills and educating about aftercare and maintenance, preparing students to meet and exceed client expectations.

  • 2 day training course
  • Full beginner curriculum is provided
  • Full one-on-one training with Eve
  • Free lash kit
  • Includes Classic training

Intermediate Training

The intermediate course at Glam65 Beauty is tailored for those looking to elevate their lash extension skills. Under Eve's expert guidance, students delve into advanced application techniques, including mastering volume lashes and creating customized lash styles. A significant focus is placed on improving speed and efficiency, crucial for success in a professional setting. The course also covers troubleshooting and problem-solving for various eye shapes and lash types, enhancing the students' adaptability and skill.

  • 3 day training course
  • Full intermediate curriculum is provided
  • Full one-on-one training with Eve
  • Free lash kit
  • Includes Volume training


Advanced Training

The advanced training course at Glam65 Beauty is designed for individuals aiming to advance their expertise in lash extension applications. Guided by the seasoned professional Eve, participants will explore sophisticated techniques for volume lash applications and the customization of lash designs to cater to diverse client preferences. This course places a strong emphasis on enhancing operational efficiency and speed, key components for thriving in a professional lash extension environment. Additionally, it addresses strategies for navigating challenges related to different eye shapes and lash types, thereby broadening the practitioners' versatility and problem-solving capabilities.

  • 3 day training course
  • Full advanced curriculum is provided
  • Full one-on-one training with Eve
  • Free lash kit
  • Includes Mega Volume training



Eve Boonjuang

With over a decade of experience in the lash industry, Eve Boonjuang is a highly esteemed expert and educator at Glam65 Beauty. Known for her exceptional skill in lash extensions and her thorough understanding of current industry trends, Eve's enthusiasm for teaching makes her an invaluable mentor. Her dedication to excellence and a personalized approach to training have cemented her status as a trusted authority in lash artistry education.